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Hello I'm in desperate need of prayer.. I used to be an political civil rights activist and work with computer hackers exposing peephole rings.. Before I got saved .. They found out who i am and they are trying to murder me ... It was government officials and police I was exposing so calling the police aint an option ... They have tried abducting my multiple times to The point i can't even leave my house some of them have even hissed at me like serpents on the street like properly demon possessed creepy old men and weird looking strange people something ain't right with them... In used to expose the illuminati for years and the new world order now I'm being targeted ... I think they are going to break in my house and try and kill me I need serious prayer warriors to stand in the gap for me this is for real no joke .. They have hacked into all my devices and keep shuting down all my.social media accounts so I can't ask for help and my emails are not sending and getting closed down... I've had to purchase a special encrypted phone ... I'm currently barricaded in a room in my house with furniture up against my doors and windows and i have a 2 year old little boy he is terrified crying won't let me put him down shaking we can't even go to the shop to get food... Every time in leave the house in get followed I'm under 247 surveillance these people are DANGEROUS like hired killers they are scary big looking nasty people.. Please please sent this message to as many praying people as possible they keep trying to lean itno my sons pram and touch him.as well they are pedopiles ... I've had blacked out SUVs follow me police started harrassing me Satan's really don't like me there is something about me he that he sees that he wants to stop... Police circling around my house and parking for hours they let themselves in my front door and bully me... I'm being flat out systematically targeted... I've had threats from this guy saying he's going to chop my head of with and axe ..he's going to tazer me and come through me door with an angle grinder ..

Received: September 3, 2022